9 Ways to Enjoy Summer at (and near) Spring Lake Ranch

Summer is upon us, and there is no better time to soak up living in a community where nature is on your doorstep.

While every season at SLR offers something special in the way of activities, by the time June rolls around, we are ready to take advantage of the warm sun, cold lake, and long, beautiful days.

If you’re looking to live in a community where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors close to home, look no further! Here, we share 9 of our favourite summer activities at SLR and the surrounding area.

  1. Canoeing and Paddle Boarding on Spring Lake

Our residents LOVE getting out on the water and taking in the tranquil scenery in a canoe or paddle board. It’s an amazing way to start or end the day! There are no motorized boats on Spring Lake, so the experience allows for quiet reflection, a chance to listen to and watch the abundant bird life, and simply spend time reflecting, either solo or with family members. Kids have so much fun seeing their community from the vantage point of the lake, and learning how to launch, paddle, and steer.

2. Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Did you know that Spring Lake is stocked with rainbow trout? It doesn’t get more peaceful than passing time with a fishing rod and the calm waters of spring lake.

3. Relaxing on the Deck (and Enjoying the View)

Whether your home feature views of Spring Lake, Loon Lake, the Meadow or the Ravine, time spent on the deck offers a chance to unwind and appreciate your little piece of paradise. In the summer, you can watch the setting sun on a warm evening and hear nothing but the call of the loons and an orchestra of frogs.

The best way to follow up a deck session? Your backyard campfire. S’mores and stories around the fire don’t have to be reserved for camping trips. Our residents enjoy this pastime on their very own properties.

4. Growing a Garden

With a 1/2 acre property, your yard offers plenty of room for growing veggies, flowers, or a mix of both. Seeing the blooming gardens throughout the community each year is so inspiring, with a wonderful variety of colours and scents. And kids are natural gardeners — they love choosing seeds, planting them, and then seeing their project come to life! It’s a bit of magic that the whole family can enjoy together.

5. Picnics at the Beach

The Village of Spring Lake features a lovely private beach that is ideal for afternoon picnics and a swim. (Seasonal passes — June to October — for the beach can be purchased by Spring Lake residents.) Launch your canoe, play with your kids at the playground, or simply spread a blanket out and enjoy the sand and sun.

6. Exploring Lake and Ravine Trails

SLR is so lush in the summertime! Our native tree and plant species feature every shade of green you can imagine. Taking a walk along our Ravine or Lake trail is a daily pleasure for many of our residents, some of whom are also avid bird watchers. We are proud to provide nesting boxes for native birds throughout the community, and love spotting everything from goldfinches to owls to blue herons.

7. Farmer’s Markets in Stony Plain and Carvel

At SLR we are lucky to be within 10 minutes of two excellent Farmer’s Markets — the Stony Plain Farmer’s Market (10 minutes east) and the Carvel Station Farmer’s Market (10 minutes west).

Stony Plain’s market runs April to end of December every Saturday, 9-1. With 70 + vendors, it offers a range of fresh food products and artisanal crafts. We always find treasures here, and the atmosphere is fun and friendly.

Carvel Station Market runs Thursday evenings, 5-8. With a “Make/Bake/Grow’ theme, the 25+ vendors feature everything from handmade cutting boards to fresh loaves of bread to ripe tomatoes. A rotating range of food trucks and bouncy castle for the kids make this market an awesome Thursday night tradition.

8. Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area

Hikers, cyclists and horseback riders visit Chickakoo to explore the beauty along its 14 kms of trails. The lake is stocked with trout and the area is also home to a wide variety of bird species. Just a 15 minute drive from SLR, Chickakoo is a gorgeous spot to spend a summer afternoon.

9. Golf at Cougar Creek Golf Resort (+ 3 other Nearby Courses!)

Championship-length golf course Cougar Creek is located just 15 minutes east of SLR, giving our golf-loving residents an excellent opportunity to play their favourite sport on a pro course close to home. A short drive north of Stony Plain in the Glory Hills is executive par 3 course Duffy’s Challenge. And both Stony Plain and Spruce Grove feature local golf courses: the 18-hole Stony Plain Golf Course and The Links at Spruce Grove.

We invite you to visit Spring Lake Ranch this summer to see the community in all its green + sunny glory. Book your visit (which includes a Lot tour!) with Sarah Corker at scorker@springlakeranch.ca.

And be sure to follow us on facebook here and instagram @springlakeranch for updates!

Happy summer, everyone.

Spring Lake Ranch Turns 15!

Drone Image of Spring Lake Ranch as seen in the summertime
Rainbow Williams and Sarah Corker holding up decorative 15th anniversary balloons at Spring Lake Ranch with clouds lit red by the sunset in the background

Picture this, the housing market in the Edmonton area is on fire, oil is over $100/ barrel, Ralph Klein has given every Albertan resident “Ralph Bucks” and the economy is booming. Seems like the perfect time to start a housing development, right?!? The response to Spring Lake Ranch was so positive with the vision of a quiet and private enclave located on a serene and idyllic lake, surrounded by nature. During the first pre-launch event, 14 presales for Phase 1 lots are secured, people are planning their “forever homes” and are excited to see this community launch. At this point, the estimated time to complete this project is 3–5 years.

Now let’s fast-forward to the autumn of 2008 at Spring Lake Ranch; utilities have been installed (gas, power, phone lines), roads have been built, and the first show home, The Horizon, is completed. Phase 1 lots have been registered and can now be released to the public. Exciting times for this new and budding community, right!?!

And then something happens that no one can predict… the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the most severe worldwide economic crisis since the Great Depression. This fast and thunderous crash sent the world into an accelerated recession. What does this mean for Spring Lake Ranch?

Remember those 14 presales? They quickly depleted to… (take a wild a guess at how many pre-sales remained?) … 1. One family held onto their dream lot. One family stuck through the recession. One! (We are so thankful for this one.)

From here, it took years to regain the confidence in the housing market, which in turn meant it took years to fully launch this community. In the early days, we had a mantra that we often said (even on days when we did not feel it) and it was to have “unwavering faith”. Unwavering faith that the vision of this community would come to fruition. Unwavering faith that the right people would find Spring Lake Ranch, see the beauty and want to build their home and life here.

We know this is not a traditional anniversary celebration introduction, but we thought it was important to share some of the backstory to illustrate the importance of perseverance when setting a goal. It also shows that sometimes the timelines we put on things are irrelevant, as they do not take into account bigger, uncontrollable variables. As we hit this milestone of 15 years, it truly feels like an accomplishment. Spring Lake Ranch started as a vision and has become a thriving little community because of the people who have decided to make it their home, the beautiful homes they have built and the pristine natural environment that surrounds them. 

History of Spring Lake Ranch

Back in the day, Spring Lake was called Edmonton Beach. It was a hub for summer time fun, and social gatherings such as dances and beach bonfires. People would come from Edmonton and surrounding areas (originally by horseback and then by train) to enjoy lake life with fishing, swimming, camping and being with family and friends at their summer cottage.

The land immediately around Spring Lake was mostly owned by one family, the Bauers, who farmed and ranched the land. Over time, they subdivided pieces of land, holding onto, in their opinion, the best piece of land. The land was inherited by a Bauer who later chose to sell it, and that’s when the idea of Spring Lake Ranch was born.

The Village of Spring Lake was excited about this addition to their community, as it would eventually grow the population (and in turn increase property tax revenue) but also because it joined the community as one. With this final piece of the area being developed, the roads fully connected the entire village together, making it more accessible for emergency vehicles and also allowing residents to walk, drive and bike all the way around Spring Lake.

The Beginning

The Horizon: first show home at Spring Lake Ranch

The vision of SLR was to build beautiful West Coast inspired homes that encompassed the natural surroundings of Spring Lake. In the beginning, there was one show home on the hill (The Horizon) and 65 empty lots. Our team had to get very creative in painting the picture for people to see what would eventually come into fruition. Fun fact: 0.1% of the population are visionary. This means very few people can envision what they want the future to look like and strategize on how to get there. So basically this meant that when people drove out to view this budding community, all they saw was nothingness. This is where we had unwavering faith that the right people would find SLR.

Construction of Spring Lake Ranch happened in phases, four in total, and this was critical in ensuring that budgets could be managed for road work and servicing the land. In order to enhance the vision of the community, certain design elements were implemented such as: underground power lines (so that views were not obstructed & to decrease power outages during windstorms), curving roads to slow traffic, cul-de-sacs (all named after different trees) to create unique ‘moments’ for future neighbours within the community. As this was before the time of drones, there was a “viewing deck” that people could stand on to see what their future view would be. As land was still not selling, our team decided to start planting trees in order to get ahead of the saying, “one generation plants the trees for the next generation to enjoy!” Fun fact: the SLR team planted approximately 133 trees during the past 15 years!

Ground-breaking ceremony with Spring Lake Council

Over the years, SLR hosted MANY events to bring people out to the area so they could experience the natural beauty. There were BBQs, horse-drawn carriage rides, pontoon boat lake tours, a Winter Carnival on Loon Lake where Spring Lake Council was challenged to a curling match, hot air balloon rides, and we even had a helicopter here once! The statement we often hear when people first discover Spring Lake Ranch is, “we had no idea this place was even here!” The Edmonton Journal even touted us as, “Edmonton’s best kept secret”- which is great for those lucky enough to call it home, kind of tricky when you are selling land and homes!


Spring Lake Ranch is a very special place where you have privacy and space while also being a part of something bigger and if you run out of sugar, you are guaranteed to have people to ask! Neighbours help each other out with no expectation of reciprocity. When someone is going through a hard time, you will see flowers or food being delivered. Bottle drives for hockey teams happen on the regular, which is a win/win because let’s face it, who has time to go to the recycle depot! New babies are welcomed and sad farewells to loved ones are shared.

The many families that have chosen to make SLR home is what makes this such an amazing place. While the definition of community is: “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.”; this does not quite sum up the vibe of Spring Lake Ranch.

We decided to ask some of the residents what this community means to them…

The Turkey Bowl and Friendsgiving!” (an annual flag football game followed by chilli where neighbours gather over the Thanksgiving weekend.)

Neighbours that are friends and friends that are neighbours!”

Seeing all the neighbourhood children outside playing and exploring in the surrounding nature areas… and not sitting inside on screens! They are safe and happy. The coolest part is when it starts to get dark, you see them all heading home- it feels like a time warp to the ‘old days’!

Gathering together for playoff hockey around our buddy’s outdoor fire.”

Halloween is legit at SLR! The community puts on a very spooky show with treats for the children and the adults. Neighbours usually gather at the end of the night around a fire or at the SLR Lounge, tally up the final numbers of the night and discuss all the fun costumes.” (This year our little community hit over 300!)

“Watching the Northern Lights and star-gazing while socializing with our neighbours.” (There is such little light pollution in the area which makes the skies even more magnificent at SLR.)

“Skating on Loon Lake with our friends and neighbours is the absolute best!”

Skating on Loon Lake

SLR Family Photo Shoot

A few of our residents did a family photo shoot. Thank you very much for your gorgeous smiles and sweet words!

“Our family absolutely loves living in Spring Lake. The sense of community here is fantastic, and the peaceful atmosphere makes every day enjoyable. It’s a place that truly feels like home.”

-Michelle & Shawn B.

“Spring Lake Ranch is a dream! We absolutely love living here. The lake is beautiful, and the views are unreal. Such a peaceful environment. The people here are so friendly and welcoming. It is a great place to raise a family. You literally have everything you need out here. Our experience has been very positive!”

-Jade & Cole K.

“Our family feels so lucky to have stumbled upon Spring Lake Ranch almost 8 years ago. The balance between the space and calm of country living coupled with being part of a thriving and active community has been so enjoyable for us and our growing boys.

Over the years, as the neighborhood continued to expand around us, we knew we were in our forever location and we’ve continued to invest in our property hoping our family and friends will continue to gather and enjoy SLR for years to come. We truly love where we live.”

-Meghan & Murray H.

“Our first decade in ‘SLR’ as we affectionately refer to it, has been nothing short of truly special.  We see our home as a vacation spot. From the day we began planning our home right up to today, we remain excited about the home we’ve had built.  It is serene and peaceful.  We are surrounded by wildlife, scenic views, the sounds of nature and glowing stars at night.  We relax and leave the business and stress of the workplace and city behind. 

We are raising our daughter here and we are constantly reminded of the blessing this community is for us as parents and her as she enjoys her childhood.  She pets horses, plays in forests and swims in lakes – all within an afternoon.  As she grows, she is building relationships with our neighbours children within the safety of our community as we collectively care for them while they explore and play together.  It takes a village to raise a little.  In SLR, both literally and figuratively, our daughter is surrounded by ‘Village’. We are forever thankful for the unbelievably beautiful home we live in and the community that has become our family here in Spring Lake Ranch.”

-Erin & Noel C.

“We love this community because it’s peaceful, we are surrounded by nature and we have made friends that are like family.”

-Brandon & Amy

“We love everything about living and being a part of this wonderful community in Spring Lake Ranch. The scenic views and peaceful surroundings make SLR a joy to come home to every day. There’s something about it that just feels special. Our kids love exploring the trail network, paddling on the lake, and waving to neighbours as they ride their bikes up and down the quiet streets. We couldn’t be more happy to call SLR home.”

-Katie & Derrick B.

“Moving to Spring Lake Ranch has been like a gift that keeps on giving. From discovering the various community events that happened throughout the year to getting more connected with so many awesome people and enjoying life together with barbecues, parties, and hanging out at the lake, it feels like a true community!

Walking the trails, being on the lake paddleboarding, even the wild pack of coyotes that lives around here are all just a part of the character and adventure of this place. Our family loves it here!!”

-Adrienne & Myles C.


Part of the initial planning of this community included donating 10% of the land to walking trails. These walking trails border Spring Lake Ranch and link to the Village of Spring Lake. Here you will see people walking their dogs, children building forts in the forest and biking enthusiasts exploring the trails.

Other residents enjoy skating at the official-sized, outdoor community skating rink. As a way to say thank you to the community, Spring Lake Ranch donated the design and a portion of the construction of the Rink Shack. This is a heated building ideal for lacing up skates on those cold winter days. Throughout the year, there are local events held there to bring the entire Spring Lake community together.

All of those who live at Spring Lake are very fortunate to have recreation at their doorstep. From swimming, fishing, biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, walking and running in the summer; to cross-country skiing, dark sky star watching, ice fishing, skating and sledding in the winter. By enjoying the natural environment, people also become stewards to protect the area and that’s pretty cool!

As we reflect on 15 years of SLR, we want to say a genuine THANK YOU to everyone who has helped build this community and brought life to what started as a vision.

With Gratitude,

The Team at SLR

Winter Fun at Spring Lake Ranch: How You Can Embrace the Season

Our philosophy on winter is simple: Embrace it.

Living at Spring Lake Ranch makes it’s easier to have this perspective, as the serenity and beauty of our surroundings makes for an actual winter wonderland.

We LOVE having nature on our doorstep, and winter provides an opportunity to do so many fun outdoor activities right here in the community.

Here are some ways to embrace the season…


The contoured landscape of SLR offers hilly spots to launch a sled and glide on down. No matter how many times your kids have bundled up and headed out for a day of sledding, the glee on their faces as the sled picks up speed and they soar across the snow is priceless. For the brave Mom and Dad’s out there, you can also join in the fun!

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

The stillness and calm found in the nature surrounding Spring Lake Ranch in winter is incredibly peaceful. By strapping on snowshoes or skis and spending a quiet hour among the trees, you will feel rejuvenated. Bonus: it’s a great way to get some cardio exercise too! The lush green of summer is replaced with branches cloaked in snow, and the sunlight casts beautiful patterns across the ravine. As you can see, even our furry residents enjoy these winter adventures!


For those who love to fish, being in Alberta means you do it through a thick pane of ice for many months of the year. Bundled up in warm layers, hot cocoa in one hand, a fishing rod in the other and staring down the auger hole in hopes of a nibble. The patience. The calm. The quiet. And then the feeling of hooking something large on your line and reeling it in!

Did you know that Spring Lake is stocked with rainbow trout? So even in winter, you can hang out on the lake and fish for your dinner — just steps from your door.

Ice Skating

Just a couple minutes away in The Village of Spring Lake, residents have access to the outdoor skating rink. (Spring Lake Ranch helped design and manage the trades to build this addition to the community as well as contributing half the total costs for the rink shack!)

This is a great spot to teach your kids how to skate and connect with other members of the Spring Lake Community. Many kids have laced up their first skates here, and adults continue to practice their skills. In the evenings, with the lit up rink, the more advanced skaters and hockey players will often get a game of shinny happening.

You will also find skating fun on Loon Lake within SLR. Some of the residents get together to help maintain the ice throughout the season. It makes a wonderful place to gather with your neighbours, sip on hot cocoa and skate with the beauty of nature surrounding you.


Once Spring Lake freezes, the outdoor playground of SLR expands tremendously. You can walk for many kilometers as you circumnavigate the lake or explore the crown land island (known by the locals as Osprey Island). This added frozen terrain is also great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

We welcome you to visit SLR and take in the peace and beauty of winter. We are currently booking viewings of The WILCOR HOMES for sale at SLR. After your tour, you can even borrow snowshoes from our team (or bring your own) and head out to explore lake and trails! It’s a fantastic way to experience the community.

If you want to book a tour to view the homes for sale that are under construction, explore the los available for purchase or have any questions about the community, please contact Sarah Corker at 780.288.9767 or scorker@springlakeranch.ca

Walking Trails at Spring Lake Ranch

Drone photo of fall colours at Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch Fall Colours Drone Image

For our residents, a huge highlight of living at Spring Lake Ranch is access to the beautiful outdoors. Fall is a particularly beautiful time of year, with the changing colours and clear, crisp air. 

At inception, Spring Lake Ranch donated 10% of the total 60 acres of land to be municipal reserve land. This land was then converted into the trail system at SLR. The trails are now maintained by the local municipality, The Village of Spring Lake.

With more and more families moving to the community, it’s been wonderful to see so many kids exploring the trails. Slowing down to observe the different plant species and animal habitats helps them not only learn about the natural world, but grow up appreciating it.

Our resident pups love their hiking time too…and the trailheads are equipped with doggie bags, making it easy to just head out on a whim.

Look for these trail markers below to find your way through the trail system at Spring Lake Ranch.

The Troll Trail

At the end of Spring Lake Drive tucked into the trees, you can find the head of the Troll Trail that was created by some of the residents of SLR. A quaint bench and decorated tree lets you know when you have arrived! This charming little trail meanders through the trees and terminates at either the water’s edge or continues through a forest to a wide open green space known as The Meadow. Here, you will find a gazebo that can be used for a family picnic or BBQ with lots of space to throw a football or frisbee around with your friends and family.

Length = to Green Space 600m / to Spring Lake 250m

The Troll Trail terminates at a dock & The Meadow.

The dock at the end of the Troll Trail
Children having fun splashing at the dock on Spring Lake

The Ravine Trail

This trail runs along the north edge of Spring Lake Ranch and terminates at a playground. You may even get to see some gorgeous horses along the way.

The Ravine Trail at Spring Lake Ranch

In 1907, the Canadian Northern Railroad Company extended their railroad line over the Saskatchewan River and connected Stony Plain to their line. The original line was going to run through the Ravine Trail, so when you explore this area, you will see the built up mound where the tracks were going to be laid. Halfway down the trail the mound stops, as original construction plans changed and they moved the line further North to its existing location. Locals have said that you can find old railroad artifacts abandoned in the trees.

Length = 600m

Start or end at the playground near Spring Lake Ranch.

The Lake Trail

Have you heard of forest bathing? (also known as ecotherapy, grounding, forest therapy, Shinrin-Yoku or Sami Lok) It’s essentially walking through a forest with intention and awareness to improve your mental and physical health. Spending time in nature has various physiological benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction,  improved mood, self esteem and motivation. 

Along the Lake Trail, you will not only see Spring Lake but also get to explore a beautiful Environmental Reserve forest. You will see many trees (and homemade tree forts) as well as unique flora and fauna to the area. 

If you continue past Range Road 20, you will discover the quiet country roads that can add more steps and make your walk more of an adventure.

Length = 500m

Another option is to circumnavigate Spring Lake with a variety of trail and road walking, this loop is approximately 5.5km.

Do you want to enjoy the trails for yourself? We welcome you to visit SLR.

You can also tour the last remaining lots for sale and view our latest homes for sale by making an appointment here and explore the Ravine, Troll and Lake Trails at your leisure!

Find Directions here…and see you at Spring Lake Ranch!

1. Take Highway 16A West of Stony Plain

2. Exit LEFT at Spring Lake

3. Turn LEFT at Range Road 20 (At Blueberry School)

4. Continue over railroad tracks

5. Take 2nd LEFT at Spring Lake Drive

Living Lakeside on Spring Lake

Ah, summer! What an amazing time of year. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and everyone has a little extra pep in their step. Living at Spring Lake Ranch means you can have access to a very active and healthy lifestyle, right out your front door.

Living Lakeside

Lakeside living at SLR in the summertime means that you can fish and bird watch in the morning, swim in the afternoon and paddle board in the evening. Having this gorgeous lake at your doorstep makes living at Spring Lake Ranch feel like a vacation every day.

Aerial Photo of Spring Lake and Spring Lake Ranch looking Southwest
Aerial Photo of Spring Lake and Spring Lake Ranch looking Southwest

Spring Lake Ranch Features

Spring Lake is just 25 minutes West of Edmonton and is a natural, spring-fed lake. With no farms directly on the lake, there are minimum pollutants running into the fresh, clean water which also decreases the likelihood of a tragic algae bloom from happening. There is no direct public access to Spring Lake, making it feel very private.

Aerial View from a Drone of Spring Lake looking north to Spring Lake Ranch
Aerial View from a Drone of Spring Lake looking north to Spring Lake Ranch

Nature found at Spring Lake

Spring Lake is a very quiet and serene lake, due to limited boat traffic and a speed limit of 12mph, making it a haven for wildlife. The most prolific are the birds! There are four pairs of Loons that return each year to nest and have their young. You will see Pelicans, Eagles and Ospreys soaring overhead, hear the Red Wing Blackbirds making their calls and spot Mallards and other ducks in the reeds.

Coyote Island as photographed from the north on Spring Lake
Osprey Island as photographed from the north on Spring Lake
Two Pelicans flying in Pelican Bay on Spring Lake, Alberta
Two Pelicans flying in Pelican Bay on Spring Lake, Alberta

Recreation on Spring Lake

Being out on the water has a very soothing effect on the mind, body and soul. If you are an avid fishing enthusiast, Spring Lake is a catch and release lake that is stocked each year with Rainbow Trout. In the winter, the lake is aerated to decrease the winter kill, making your catch extra satisfying in size. For those of you that like to launch, paddle and steer, you can enjoy the calm and quiet water by canoe, kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Motorboats are allowed but are restricted to a 12 mile per hour speed limit.

Three people canoeing towards Osprey Island on Spring Lake in Alberta
Three people canoeing towards Osprey Island on Spring Lake in Alberta

Last, but definitely not least, nothing says summer like a big splash in the lake- cannonball style! On a hot summer day, after a nice little paddle, enjoy a dip in Spring Lake or if you want to take it up a notch, swim some lengths!

Girl jumping off a paddleboard into Spring Lake, Alberta
Girl jumping off a paddleboard into Spring Lake, Alberta

Storm Watching Season at Spring Lake

Another favourite pastime of residents at Spring Lake Ranch is watching the summer thunderstorms pass through the lakeside community. With long view vistas, you can see the storm coming from miles away. Once it arrives, you can watch the electrifying lightning from the safety of your covered deck and listen to the loud, booming thunder. If you are lucky, the storm will either begin or end with a spectacular rainbow (a double one if you’re extra lucky!)

Double Rainbow over Municipal Reserve Land at Spring Lake Ranch
Double Rainbow over Municipal Reserve Land at Spring Lake Ranch

Sun Worshipers

Some of us love to watch the sunrise early in the morning while others prefer to catch the evening glow of a sunset, or perhaps you love both. With Spring Lake as the backdrop, the colours and unobstructed views offer spectacular skies all year round.

Let’s Go Local ~ Our Favourite Restaurants Near SLR

One of the questions we often hear from people considering a move to Spring Lake Ranch is “What sort of restaurants are nearby?” It’s a question we love, because there are so many great options within a 15 minute drive!

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly dining or the perfect date-night spot, we’ve got you covered. Each of these 6 restaurants are in Spruce Grove and offer fantastic food. If you’d like to visit SLR to check out the community and/or available properties, consider making a day of it and grabbing lunch or dinner nearby!

Porta Romana

This family-style eatery features authentic Italian food made with fresh, local ingredients. Co-owner Pepeo grew up in Milan, where his father ran two successful restaurants. Together with Pepeo’s wife Karren and chef Aaron Smentek, the team at Porta Romano creates not only delicious food but a really beautiful, inviting ambience.

Recent Yelp review:

“Service is the best. Food is amazing . . . best place for a date or special occasion in Spruce Grove hands down.” ~ Joel A.

Tandoori Grill

If you like Indian cuisine, don’t miss this spot! The lunch buffet is amazing, with so many dishes to sample. If you’re coming to Tandoor Grill for dinner, allow extra time to peruse the extensive menu ~ and be sure to share with your fellow diners so you can all try a few things. Every single dish has so much flavour.

Recent Trip Advisor review:

“Spruce Grove, I hope you know what a gem you have! Tandoori Grill is amazing! Delicious, authentic Indian food which is well priced and always enough to take home some leftovers. They will adjust the spice level for you (mild, medium, hot). The beef vindaloo is absolutely divine.” ~Lara S.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Pizza lovers, look no further. Famoso knows what to do when it comes to cheesy, delicious pies of the savoury kind. All the pizzas are hand tossed and feature an airy Neapolitan crust that we can’t get enough of. Also on the menu is everything from soups, salads and sandwiches to charcuterie to pastas. Famoso is always a crowd pleaser and their Spruce Grove location is bright and welcoming with cozy seating.

Recent Trip Advisor review:

Famoso is my go to pizza place! Although there are many pizza outlets in the Parkland County area, there are none that can accommodate my allergen needs like Famoso does.
Although they cannot claim to be safe for celiacs, they are very accommodating in preparing my pizza in a separate space with careful service due to my gluten and nut allergies. I have never had a problem after eating what they serve me.
The food is delicious and the staff are very friendly. It’s great food for a decent price if you want a local treat!”

Sakai Sushi Bar

Sushi is one of our favourite things to eat, and when it’s done well, there’s nothing more satisfying. So we were so happy to discover Sakai Sushi Bar, which offers a phenomenal variety with fantastic presentation. (One Facebook reviewer calls it “artwork on your plate.”) The restaurant’s sleek, modern decor and friendly service makes for an all-around awesome dining experience.

Recent Trip Advisor review:

“We have been here many times since they first opened. It is always excellent. Super, SUPER fresh ingredients and the service has always been excellent . . . if you love sushi this is THE place to go. So glad we no longer have to travel into Edmonton for great Japanese food.” ~Deidre K.

Something Else Restaurant

Featured as a “Worth the Drive’ eatery in Edmonton’s 2018 City Guide, Something Else offers contemporary Greek dishes, pasta and seafood. Which means it has something for everyone! Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, and enjoy delicious family recipes inspired by Chef Louie Balomenos.

Recent Facebook review:

The food was amazing and cooked to perfection. The flavours were on point! I had the calamari, mousakka + hummus, and the lamb souvlaki… sooo delicious. Great service! Can’t say enough about this place.” ~Anneluzelia Hernandez

Red Chili Leaf

Serving authentic Vietnamese and Thai food, Red Chili Leaf has a ton of tasty vegetarian, meat and seafood options to choose from. We love all the soups and noodle dishes, with rich, deep flavours that are especially perfect on a winter day.

Recent Trip Advisor review:

“Always amazing. Excellent service, fast, and the price was right! ~Tammy S.

Do you have any other favourite places to dine in Stony Plain or Spruce Grove? Let us know in the comments ~ we’d love to hear!

Video Tour of The Birchview, For Sale!

We’re thrilled to announce that The BIRCHVIEW is complete and Move-in Ready!

This 5 Bdrm (2 + 2 + flex room) design by Wilcor homes is a 1733 sq ft bungalow on a stunning private property at Spring Lake Ranch. It features gorgeous finishings in a modern palette and oversize windows with fantastic ravine views.

Check out the video tour above and view the full listing with photo gallery on MLS here. (Listing #E4175800)

To Book Your Tour, contact Angela Deblois at angela@angeladebloisrealty.com. This is a must-see!

Join us! Sept. 14th at HOMEWARD ~ A Spring Lake Ranch Social. (BBQ, Hot Air Balloon Rides + Newest Home For Sale Revealed!)

Whether you’ve recently discovered the community, have visited in the past, or are thinking about making SLR your home in the future…we welcome you to join us this Saturday, Sept. 14th for HOMEWARD. 

We’ve got so many fun things in the works.

HOMEWARD ~ A Spring Lake Ranch Social brings together the SLR community and beyond for a day of food, music, pop-up shops, home tours and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty and spirit of SLR. All welcome.1-6 pm.

Along with everything shared below, there will be a draw for some FANTASTIC door prizes!

Prize sponsors include: Dani + Madi (clothing boutique), Kristen Baker (artwork), Pet Food Etc., That Yoga Place, The Parlour, Sommerset Pumpkins, Windsor Plywood, Jalapeño Mama, Michelle Boutin (SENSE), Roxi W. (Stella & Dot), McLeod’s, Willow Nicole Cosmetics and more!

Please RSVP to scorker@springlakeranch.ca or the facebook event.

See the Newest Home UP^ at SLR

The BIRCHVIEW is newly complete and Move-in Ready! Be the first to tour this gorgeous 5 Bdrm Bungalow For Sale.


*Located in Juniper Lane which is a 3-property cul-de-sac, giving The BIRCHVIEW additional privacy along with Ravine views
*1703 square feet on main floor
*Open concept living
*Custom painted wood cabinetry throughout
*Onyx and Snowfall White paint palette
*Black with gold lighting and hardware
*Gorgeous master bedroom and en suite
*Floating cabinet in main bath
*Fully finished daylight basement
*Huge covered back deck with a gas line for BBQ, heat and year-rund enjoyment
*Oversized triple garage
*Two laundry locations ~ one up, one down (Make your choice or install in both locations! Beautiful patterned floor tile in downstairs laundry.)

Go UP^ in a Hot Air Balloon…

A huge shout out to Angela DeBlois, for organizing this super fun component of the day! Weather permitting, you can take an aerial tour of SLR! Hot air balloon rides in the RE/MAX balloon will be held from 3pm -6pm (as long as it’s not too windy). We can’t wait for you to see SLR from above.

Listen UP^ with Musician Danny Floyd Cole

This fantastic vocalist and instrumentalist will be performing at The Timberview from 3-6 pm. Danny Floyd Cole has been sharing his musical talent with Alberta audiences and beyond for more than two decades, and we are thrilled to welcome him to SLR for this special performance!

Pop UP^ Clothing + Art Shops

Dani + Madi is a clothing boutique with awesome, on-trend pieces coming soon to Spruce Grove. Owner Rachelle will hold a POP-UP Dani + Madi shop at SLR from 1pm to 6pm.

Kristen Baker is a freelance artist and illustrator (and SLR resident!) whose stunning artworks capture movement and fluidity. Kristen will show her works for sale from 1pm to 6pm. She also does custom pieces!

POP-UP shops will be held in The TIMBERVIEW. Stop by to browse and shop their collections.

Build UP^ with a LEGO Master Builder

When we learned that Patrick, co-owner of Sakai Sushi, is a master builder of LEGO structures, we knew it was something kids (and adults) would love to see! Above are just a few of the amazing things he creates. Patrick will be showing off his LEGO skills at The Timberview from 1-4 pm.

Eat UP^ at the BBQ! (Plus Games for the Kids)

We’ll be grilling hot dogs from 1pm to 6pm at The Timberview. 

There will be games and a balloon artist to entertain the kiddos. 🙂

*In keeping with the community spirit, we will be accepting donations at this event for the Ronald McDonald House

See you on Sept. 14th ~ we can’t wait to welcome you to SLR!

Meet the Husband-and-Wife Team Behind Spring Lake Ranch

This summer marks 12 years since Wilcor Homes built its first custom home at Spring Lake Ranch! What started as one custom design on 60 acres of land has grown into a beautiful community filled with homes and families.

Wilcor’s custom and spec homes feature natural elements like stone, timbers, and large view windows, and have been featured in Best Home, the Edmonton Journal, and Homes & Land.

Here, Sarah Corker and Rainbow Williams open up about their collaborative design process and how they help clients through the custom-build journey. Read on to find out who is the “dreamer,” who is the “realist” and what’s next for Wilcor Homes.

Congratulations on 12 years of Wilcor Homes! The real estate industry has had its share of ups and downs during that time, and yet Spring Lake Ranch has continued to grow. As a custom builder, what are some key things you’ve done to succeed in a challenging market?

Sarah: For us the main key has been building quality homes that showcase the kind of features people consistently love. We know that most homebuyers drawn to Spring Lake Ranch are looking for bungalows with features like the 3 car garage, finished basement, large windows, hardwood flooring, and custom cabinetry. 

We also continue to market ourselves in new and different ways. Social media is a component that has grown and changed so much in the last decade and we have prioritized growing and changing with it. The amount of people that have found us through Facebook and Instagram is amazing. Both are excellent platforms to tell our story and keep people looped in with what we are up to. 

Rainbow: We’ve stayed focused on what’s important to us. Quality construction, strong relationships with our clients, and building in limited quantities. We can’t control the market, but we can control what we do. Working with experienced contractors and staying current with building technologies and design, we attract clients that often become friends.

Can you tell us a bit about your process as a builder and designer? Do clients meet with both of you to design their homes? Who does what and how do you combine your ideas when it comes to design?

S: Initially clients usually meet with me to learn about the community, walk the lots and tour the homes. From there, Rainbow and I will sit down with them and discuss the building specifics of Wilcor Homes. We work on the home design together and have a lot of fun at this stage. We love talking plans, looking at elevations and trying new ideas. I then help people make their selections, from exterior colours and materials to interior finishings. 

I always say that I have the fun job and Rainbow has the challenging one in that I get to design and choose all the elements and he has to execute them and make it all a reality. Perhaps I am the dreamer and he is the realist!

R: We have a consistent process that each client is lead through. Typically, this starts with a meeting on site in one of our homes, either finished or under construction. 

Meeting the clients together reinforces our teamwork and allows them to see how we work together.  As our clients are different, so are we. Sarah prefers a visual, tactile perspective with materials and plans, whereas I am far more conceptual. These different styles compliment each other, like we do, and allows for a strong connection.

The homes you build feature a lot of natural materials like wood and stone, as well as oversized windows that bring in a lot of light. These elements will seemingly never go out of style! But what about design trends? What’s been inspiring you in the design world recently that you’ve showcased in your homes?

S: I love design and working with the newest trends while also building “forever homes”. It’s an evolving industry with new looks, materials and finishing techniques coming into play all the time. 

In my opinion, the more neutral the backdrop (paint and flooring) the more the home can grow and change with trends. A person can easily change a light fixture or cabinet pull to evolve with the times but to re-paint an entire home is a lot of work and expense. 

Currently, I am loving all the whites (both walls and cabinets) that are still on the scene but then pairing it with a hit of wood, metal or contrasting black. Tile is also an area that is really fun with more elaborate installation (herringbone, chevron, stacked and staggered techniques) and different shapes such as octagon, large format or super small format. A person can add texture and dimension without going crazy with colours. 

R: Sarah tends to drive our “trendy” aspects in the homes. We stay current by working with industry leaders for lighting, plumbing and flooring as well as drawing inspiration from design publications. For me the installation of practical and functional products with new technology is exciting. LED lighting, smart wiring, solar power and innovative kitchen concepts are a few areas I really enjoy exploring. Lastly, everyone likes a good shower, so using large or small format tiles and high quality plumbing fixtures all contained with 10mm glass makes a master ensuite that much better.

A lot of people dream of building a custom home, but feel overwhelmed by all the decisions involved. How do you help guide the process? 

S: We truly value all of the relationships we have developed over the years with our clients, with our suppliers and with our trades. Our focus on communication really assists our clients in staying well informed with the building process and allows them to come to us with questions and feedback along the way. We appreciate that custom building is a large undertaking for our clients so we do our best to ease the process. Part of this comes from our 12 years of experience in the industry and part of this comes from having built our own custom home so we totally understand what our clients are going through. 

Right from the beginning of financing and design, we guide our clients. We work with their lawyers and bankers to get everything in place. We then have a step-by-step process for them to make all of their home selections. Our suppliers are also a key part of this as they meet with our clients and assist them with choosing their products and educating them on the various options.

R: It starts from our first interaction with each client. We outline the process from start to finish, along with putting clear timelines on each decision. Then we work together with our suppliers and clients to ensure that we are staying on budget and on time. Lastly, we perform a review of all the material selections multiple times to ensure that the products are working together, and the clients are satisfied. Our extensive experience building custom homes help our clients feel confident as they navigate the selection process.

A big part of building custom at SLR is getting to choose your lot. How much does the lot size and views affect the kind of home that’s built on it? How do you optimize the property features? 

S: We call this Site-Specific Design and it’s a very important part of designing a home. We spend quite a bit of time on the vacant lot to determine the best views, optimal light exposure and maximum privacy. From here, we design the home to feature all of these aspects. Placement of windows is a big part of this as well as the decks. Each person is unique; some want to feature their deck to take in the hot, west sun, for example, while others prefer the morning light. 

R: During the master planning stage, we designed each lot at Spring Lake Ranch to have its own view channel. As we plan the home on the lot, we take this into consideration as well as conditions such as passive solar (specific window placements to take advantage of light and the sun) and location of trees for privacy, right down to the direction of the window openings for capturing cross breezes.   

Looking ahead, what projects are coming up at Wilcor Homes? How can people stay connected and learn about new homes for sale or building their own?h

S: The Birchview is nearing completion and it’s coming together beautifully. It’s a 3 bedroom bungalow for sale on one of the more private lots at SLR. From the back of the home, all you can see are trees. I am especially excited about the tile in this home — a combination of octagon and herringbone. Lots of whites with hits of black and gold. 

We are also working on a new custom build at Spring Lake Ranch, a build in the city and a new spec home. 

On September 14th, we are having a big community event with live music, a BBQ and the Remax hot air balloon! People interested in SLR should definitely mark their calendars and stay tuned for our fall building incentive. 

R: Each year we bring new designs to the community, and this year is no different. The Birchview combines a spacious master bedroom, larger en-suite with walk in shower, massive 3 car garage, 3 bedroom main floor, dual laundry location (for family living, or empty nesters), large fully developed daylight basement, and a new colour of James Hardie Siding. There are many special design features like unique tile, floating vanities, wall mounted faucets and a large walk-in pantry. It’s a fantastic home and we are very proud of it.  

This fall we’re planning to break ground on a new design similar to The Aspen, featuring new exterior elevations and same changes to the floor plan.  We never build the same house twice!

As always, we welcome all to sign up for the Newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, but most important come out and visit us!  Nothing does SLR more justice than a walk on the nature trails, taking in the lake or just sitting in a gazebo listening to the orchestra of birds who call SLR home throughout the year.

Thank you so much, Sarah and Rainbow!

Check out SLR Homes For Sale here and Lots For Sale here. Learn more about Wilcor Homes here.

View The ASPEN 4 Bdrm Bungalow: FOR SALE

The ASPEN is a brand-new design by Wilcor Homes. This home is almost complete, and will be Move-in ready end of March!

The ASPEN backs onto a beautiful treed ravine, giving the open-plan kitchen, living, and dining areas gorgeous views of mature trees and tons of natural light.

This home is 1575 sq ft. with a fully finished basement, oversized walk-in pantry, black, triple-pane All Weather Windows, a fully finished basement, and triple garage. The garage has very high ceilings, offering the potential of a future lift system.

One of our favourite features of the ASPEN this stunning floor-to-ceiling white-tile fireplace. It gives the living space such a sophisticated look and feel.

For the exterior, we chose James Hardie siding in Deep Ocean and Pearl Grey. This is the first home at SLR to feature these fantastic new colours. Another feature adding to the curb appeal is the beautiful archway over the entrance.

The ASPEN blends exceptional craftsmanship with modern design. Check out a video tour here.

Interested in viewing this home BEFORE it goes on the market?

Contact Sarah Corker at 1.888.8671055 or scorker@springlakeranch.ca. And be sure to follow us on facebook here and instagram @springlakeranch for the latest updates. We look forward to seeing you soon at SLR!