Walking Trails at Spring Lake Ranch

Drone photo of fall colours at Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch Fall Colours Drone Image

For our residents, a huge highlight of living at Spring Lake Ranch is access to the beautiful outdoors. Fall is a particularly beautiful time of year, with the changing colours and clear, crisp air. 

At inception, Spring Lake Ranch donated 10% of the total 60 acres of land to be municipal reserve land. This land was then converted into the trail system at SLR. The trails are now maintained by the local municipality, The Village of Spring Lake.

With more and more families moving to the community, it’s been wonderful to see so many kids exploring the trails. Slowing down to observe the different plant species and animal habitats helps them not only learn about the natural world, but grow up appreciating it.

Our resident pups love their hiking time too…and the trailheads are equipped with doggie bags, making it easy to just head out on a whim.

Look for these trail markers below to find your way through the trail system at Spring Lake Ranch.

The Troll Trail

At the end of Spring Lake Drive tucked into the trees, you can find the head of the Troll Trail that was created by some of the residents of SLR. A quaint bench and decorated tree lets you know when you have arrived! This charming little trail meanders through the trees and terminates at either the water’s edge or continues through a forest to a wide open green space known as The Meadow. Here, you will find a gazebo that can be used for a family picnic or BBQ with lots of space to throw a football or frisbee around with your friends and family.

Length = to Green Space 600m / to Spring Lake 250m

The Troll Trail terminates at a dock & The Meadow.

The dock at the end of the Troll Trail
Children having fun splashing at the dock on Spring Lake

The Ravine Trail

This trail runs along the north edge of Spring Lake Ranch and terminates at a playground. You may even get to see some gorgeous horses along the way.

The Ravine Trail at Spring Lake Ranch

In 1907, the Canadian Northern Railroad Company extended their railroad line over the Saskatchewan River and connected Stony Plain to their line. The original line was going to run through the Ravine Trail, so when you explore this area, you will see the built up mound where the tracks were going to be laid. Halfway down the trail the mound stops, as original construction plans changed and they moved the line further North to its existing location. Locals have said that you can find old railroad artifacts abandoned in the trees.

Length = 600m

Start or end at the playground near Spring Lake Ranch.

The Lake Trail

Have you heard of forest bathing? (also known as ecotherapy, grounding, forest therapy, Shinrin-Yoku or Sami Lok) It’s essentially walking through a forest with intention and awareness to improve your mental and physical health. Spending time in nature has various physiological benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction,  improved mood, self esteem and motivation. 

Along the Lake Trail, you will not only see Spring Lake but also get to explore a beautiful Environmental Reserve forest. You will see many trees (and homemade tree forts) as well as unique flora and fauna to the area. 

If you continue past Range Road 20, you will discover the quiet country roads that can add more steps and make your walk more of an adventure.

Length = 500m

Another option is to circumnavigate Spring Lake with a variety of trail and road walking, this loop is approximately 5.5km.

Do you want to enjoy the trails for yourself? We welcome you to visit SLR.

You can also tour the last remaining lots for sale and view our latest homes for sale by making an appointment here and explore the Ravine, Troll and Lake Trails at your leisure!

Find Directions here…and see you at Spring Lake Ranch!

1. Take Highway 16A West of Stony Plain

2. Exit LEFT at Spring Lake

3. Turn LEFT at Range Road 20 (At Blueberry School)

4. Continue over railroad tracks

5. Take 2nd LEFT at Spring Lake Drive