Winter Fun at SLR: 5 Ways to Embrace the Season

 Happy New Year, everyone!

Hopefully you were able to enjoy some down time during the holidays and are feeling refreshed and ready to jump into 2018. We have so many exciting things on the horizon this year, and can’t wait to share new home designs and properties for sale in the coming months.

But first, we wanted to dive into a topic that is a big part of life for 4-5 months of the year at Spring Lake Ranch: Winter activities. When the first snow arrived, we shared a post on instagram that sums up our philosophy on the snowy season: Embrace it!

Living in the countryside makes it easier to have this perspective, as the serenity and beauty of our surroundings makes for an actual winter wonderland.

That’s not to say that we don’t look forward to warmer temperatures by the time spring rolls around, but while winter is here, our residents make the most of it! We LOVE having nature on our doorstep, and winter provides an opportunity to do so many fun outdoor activities right here in the community.

For kids, the biggest hit is…


The contoured landscape of SLR offers hilly spots to launch a sled and glide on down. No matter how many times your kids have bundled up and headed out for a day of sledding, the glee on their faces as the sled picks up speed and they soar across the snow is priceless. 

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

The stillness and calm found in the nature surrounding Spring Lake Ranch in winter is incredibly peaceful. By strapping on snowshoes or skis and spending a quiet hour among the trees, you will feel rejuvenated. Bonus: it’s a great way to get some cardio exercise too! The lush green of summer is replaced with branches cloaked in snow, and the sunlight casts beautiful patterns across the ravine. As you can see, even our furry residents enjoy these winter adventures!

Ice Fishing

For those who love to fish, being in Alberta means you do it through a thick pane of ice for many months of the year. Bundled up in warm layers, hot cocoa in one hand, a fishing rod in the other and staring down the auger hole in hopes of a nibble. The patience. The calm. The quiet. And then the feeling of hooking something large on your line and reeling it in!

Did you know that Spring Lake is stocked with rainbow trout? So even in winter, you can hang out on the lake and fish for your dinner — just steps from your door.

Ice Skating 

A couple minutes away in The Village of Spring Lake, residents have access to the outdoor skating rink. This is a great spot to teach your kids how to skate and connect with other members of the Spring Lake Community. Many kids have laced up their first skates here, and adults continue to practice their skills! The rink has lights on until 10pm each day and a heated area to put on gear or warm up on a chilly day.

Folks in the community often gather for a game of shinny hockey, which as you can see is an excellent sunset activity.

In exciting news, The Village of Spring Lake has received funding to build a brand new rink this year. This is due to a new intersection that was built in 2017 and improvements to the municipal area. The new rink will be full size and include a new warming area. We look forward to seeing SLR residents continue to enjoy this wonderful pastime so close to home!

We welcome you to visit SLR and take in the peace and beauty of winter. We are currently booking viewings of two gorgeous homes: The Meadowview and The Lakewood. After your tour, you can even borrow snowshoes from our team (or bring your own) and head out to the trails! It’s a fantastic way to experience the community — and we’ll have hot cocoa waiting when you’re done. 🙂

If you’d like to book a home tour or have any questions, please contact Sarah Corker at 780.288.9767 or We look forward to connecting with you!