Fishing at Spring Lake

Spring Lake is a wonderful place for fishing all year round, stocked with multiple species of trout. The lake is aerated in the Winter by the Alberta conservation Association to promote the year-round survival of the trout. After a long day of work, relaxing on the lake fishing for trout is one of our favorite ways to unwind.

All fishing at Spring Lake is catch and release.

Fishing Access to Spring Lake

Other than residents of Spring Lake with private dock access to the lake, there are three areas where you can start your fishing adventure.

The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club maintains two properties on the northeast side of the lake where members can store equipment and supplies, and use the facilities on the properties. Membership can be purchased on their website.

Patrons of the Spring Lake RV resort also have access to the lake, and residents of Spring Lake can purchase a membership card to gain boat launch privileges.

Residents of Spring Lake Ranch can reach the lake via private access along the Troll Trail or the Lake Trail.

Fishing Rules at Spring Lake

Fishing at Spring Lake requires all individuals between the ages of 16 and 65 to have and active Wildlife Identification Number (WiN), as well as a sports fishing license. All fishing is catch and release in spring lake. You can get your WiN card online here, or purchase one at many gas stations or retail outlets that can be found on this search portal. An annual sport fishing license can be purchased online here and either a printed or electronic version must be with you at all times while fishing.

The Lake is open for fishing year-round with a limit of 5 trout in total.

Fish in Spring Lake

There are three different species of fish in Spring Lake including:

We love fishing for the rainbow trout in particular!