Q & A with Kauri Funk – Yoga & Fitness

Just a hop, skip and a gallop away from Spring Lake Ranch is this most charming red barn owned by Kauri, the most charming yogi, horse lover, fitness enthusiast,  and down-to-earth woman you will ever meet. She is leading fitness and yoga classes on the second floor of her barn. Read on to learn more about Kauri and how her barn came to be.

Q.) Your barn is the most amazing space, tell us about how it came to be?

A.)  I’ve always dreamt of an acreage with the classic red barn. When we first moved here, our shop was actually a Sharn, half shop/half barn. Which I was completely happy with! Unfortunately my husband kept removing stalls until it was a shop! Hence the building of a separate barn! Minus the cement work & siding/roofing, all built with the love, sweat, & tears of mostly my hubby, with support from family, & friends & neighbours! ????

Q.)  How did you get into teaching yoga and fitness?

A.)  I’ve always been a sporty person, Slo pitch and show jumping are my lifelong hobbies. But adulthood, responsibility, and starting a family seemed to push it to the back burner! When my child started preschool at Blueberry Hall I joined a boot camp to get “back in shape”! There was a core group of us that met three times per week for 5/6 years. I was always asked to host the class when our instructor couldn’t make it and really enjoyed it! It disbanded in 2019, and when Covid hit I knew I needed something to keep me sane and distract me. I found online training for Aroma Yoga and thought, why not? I love the oils, I’d love to learn more about yoga. Which ended up being a life saver for me over the past two years.

Q.) What do you love most about what you do?

A.)  I said long before Covid that everyone suffers from mental fatigue or issues, the severity from person to person is in their ability to handle it. Some are great, some manage, some are trainwrecks. Sometimes it changes on a day-to-day basis. And that’s where we have to learn it’s ok! What I love most about what I do is the conversations, the connecting, the ability to be perfectly imperfect. And offering a safe space for others to strengthen their mind and body and to help balance the soul.

Q.) Who is your clientele? How do people sign up for your classes?

A.) My clientele has ranged from 7 to 70 years, men & women. I hope to expand into sessions for kids and men specifically. Every class is beginner friendly, with the ability to intensify to your level. As of now it’s 95% local ladies which is amazing because I am connecting more within my community! I post my classes weekly, am open to private individual or group sessions. I do my best to accommodate ideal workout times and  still having a balanced life! 

Q.) What’s your vision for this wonderful and health minded community you are creating?

A.) To build my practice within the community, I’m continuing my education and increasing my yoga certification. In the future, I see workshops & retreats to help find balance and happiness in our lives. Life is too short to not see the joy in everyday ???? 

To book a class with Kauri, you can email her at funknoils@gmail.com.