Limited Time Land Purchase Offer

Drone image at Spring Lake Ranch, Fall 2022

Looking for your ideal piece of land? We have an offer, you don’t want to miss…

Drone image at Spring Lake Ranch, Fall 2022

With only 5 LOTS REMAINING for purchase, we decided to go out with a BANG and help you buy your land at Spring Lake Ranch now and pay for it later (no strings attached).

How it works:

First, you choose your lot. You can either come and explore the lots and surrounding area on your own, or you can book a tour and we will show you around.

Then, you put 10% of the total purchase price down. At this stage you will sign a purchase contract, your down payment becomes non-refundable and the lot is held under your name until you close on the final amount. (Yahoo!)

After this, you have 1 full calendar year (52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours) until you pay for the remaining balance. Interest free, payment free, stress free, gluten free (just kidding).

This will give you…

  • Time to organize finances
  • Time to design your house
  • Time to find a builder
  • Time to sell your existing house
  • Time to arrange for a move


Now you may be asking yourself ‘why is Spring Lake Ranch doing this?’

The honest answer is we have been selling land for many years and have experienced all different markets, crashes and booms. Uncertainty in the current mortgage lending sector has made many land purchase and homebuilding plans more difficult. By locking in your land purchase price and having no ongoing payment obligations takes away some of the stress of navigating building your custom dream home.

As Will Rodgers said, “Why wait to buy land when you can buy land and wait” and this rings true for SLR. We have 5 lots left and then there is no more land available to purchase. We want to help people reach their goal, buy their land and build their dream home.

Please contact Sarah Corker at or book an appointment through our Contact Page.

Drone Image of Spring Lake Ranch as seen in the summertime

Building at Spring Lake Ranch

You can BYOB (bring your own builder) to SLR! The lots for sale are governed by either the phase 2 or phase 4 Architectural guidelines at Spring Lake Ranch. There are also landcaping guidelines which are common for all of Spring Lake Ranch.

Act before June 30th, 2024.

Fall Lot Tours at Spring Lake Ranch

Spring Lake Ranch entrance sign with fall colours on the trees taken in October 2023

Fall at Spring Lake Ranch is one of the most beautiful seasons. The weather is mild and usually sunny, the air is fresh with a hint of briskness and the leaves are turning a stunning golden yellow colour. 

Fall is also the perfect time of year to begin planning your Spring home build. This allows you to see the land prior to the first snow fall to determine home placement, view channels and light exposure, you then have the winter to design and get ‘shovel ready’ for March or April. 

Only 5 Lots Remaining

Located at the end of Spruce Crescent, MEADOW DREAM is a prime property adjacent  to Municipal Reserve Land and the walking trails of SLR. With a south/east backyard and quiet cul-de-sac location, it offers residents all-day light and a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

At the end of Spruce Crescent, a quiet and safe cul-de-sac, is EVER SKY, a spacious and private property backing onto the treed ravine and Spring Lake Ranch’s beautiful meadow and pond. One of Phase 4’s prime lots, it offers versatile home design options, gorgeous views of the trees and optimal east light.

Nestled between Loon Lake and Spring Lake Drive, SOUTHERN LIGHT features idyllic waterfront views and a private, serene backyard. Enjoy spotting blue heron glide across the pond as you tend your south-facing garden. Breathe in the lake air from your back deck. This gem lot is a peaceful, natural haven. In the winter, enjoy a community skating area right on Loon Lake.

Tucked into the corner of Aspen Way, WATER’S EDGE is lakeside living at its absolute finest. This south/west facing, ¾ acre lot features views of Spring Lake and unobstructed Environmental Reserve (meaning forever protected land). The only remaining lot with direct, private lake access! Sit on your covered deck and enjoy stunning sunsets and the many sounds of nature. In the summer, the lake offers opportunities for canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding, swimming and kayaking. In the winter, the frozen lake opens up to a plethora of activities such as dog walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, fat biking and skating. This is the final lakefront lot available for purchase.

Located on Spruce Crescent, SPRING MIST is a beautiful and private property with very mature trees. With a west facing backyard and quiet cul-de-sac location, this property offers residents a gorgeous and peaceful retreat. 

BYOP!!! (Bring Your Own Picnic)

We invite you to come out to SLR with your family to get a feel for the land, the trails, the lake and the community. You are welcome to pack a picnic and find a private moment to experience Spring Lake Ranch and see if it’s the right fit for you. Please contact us to let us know you are coming out and we will happily facilitate a tour or let you explore on your own.

Buying a Lot: Vendor Financed Land Purchase vs a Conventional Bank Mortgage

Purchasing bare land to eventually build your dream house is not quite as easy as purchasing an already built house. At Spring Lake Ranch we have creative ways to make land purchasing as easy as possible to facilitate all the aspects of building your dream home.

Traditional bank financing for land purchases

In Canada, traditional land purchase financing usually involves taking out a mortgage from a bank or other lender. Buyers must qualify for the loan, which requires them to provide evidence of their income, credit score and down payment amount. The interest rate and loan terms are based on the buyer’s credit worthiness. The process can take several weeks to complete and generally requires a high credit score in order to be approved. Once approved, buyers will have monthly payments that must be made until the loan is paid off. Unlike buying a home, a down payment for land purchase is often 50% of the purchase price or more!!

Flexible vendor backed financing for land purchases

At Spring Lake Ranch, we recognize the challenge of putting up 50% of the purchase price up front. Without necessarily having the home design, construction schedule, financing, and transferring the equity out of your own home while managing where you are going to live or navigating cash flow challenges that come with purchasing and building in Canada. This becomes tricky, expensive and downright overwhelming.

If you would like to get updates about vendor backed land financing opportunities at Spring Lake Ranch, please fill out the form below and we will send you our current offer.

Are you interested in getting our best advice about purchasing land to build on?

If you are interested in this purchasing opportunity please contact us here at

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Land

Fall colours of Osprey Island in the middle of Spring Lake, Alberta

When purchasing land, you need to go into the process with as much knowledge as possible. Just like purchasing a house, there are many considerations to take into account before you proceed with buying a parcel of land. With purchasing a finished home, you get what you get. When you buy land, you have the ability to fully design exactly what you need for your family and your future. Here are some factors to take into account as you choose your land.


When buying real estate, as the age old saying goes, “location, location, location” is the most important component to your purchase. What does this mean? When choosing your lot you want to consider the following components such as view, light exposure, direction of back yard, front yard and privacy. If you are buying land for your home, find an area where you will enjoy living and can appreciate the surrounding area. Think parks, walking areas, stores, cafes, playgrounds, etc. Whether it’s urban or rural, you want to love where you live. 

We suggest sourcing out exactly where you want to live by taking a drive and exploring different areas. You can also do a lot of research online prior to making your decision. If you have children, then schools are important, so find an area with a top rated school. Access to amenities like; grocery stores, restaurants and recreation are also important aspects to explore. 

Osprey Island in the middle of Spring Lake

Equally as pertinent as the location of the land, is the community it is surrounded by. So as much as you are shopping for your perfect parcel, you are exploring your future community. What type of lifestyle does this community offer? Do you have access to recreation? Nature? Fresh air? Who will be your future neighbours? If possible, try and have a conversation with someone that lives in the area as this may be your greatest inside source of information.


There are two areas to look at when addressing cost: comparative cost of surrounding land and the cost to develop your land. You want to ensure that the investment you are making is fruitful and attainable. 

Two women at the top of the steps of a new house holding a "Sold By" sign
A home designer and a realtor celebrate the sale of a new home

The first step is to look at what other parcels of land in the area are selling for. You can request a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a local realtor or hop on MLS and do the research yourself. This will allow you to work with the landowner and offer the best price for the lot.

Secondly, you want to examine all of the associated costs to develop your desired plot of land. What services have been brought to property? The typical ones you will find are power, gas and phone. You will also need to look at the water source and wastewater management system for the area. If you are developing an urban lot, there will be a cost to tie into the public water and waste systems. If you are looking at a rural plot, there will be a cost for a cistern or drilling a well, a septic tank or wastewater management system.

Know the Details About Your Land

A Young Couple holding their young child on a their newly purchased lot with stakes in front of them
New Landowners on their lot

With any large purchase you make in life, make sure you do your research and ask ALL the questions. A few key aspects to examine are: zoning, building parameters and restrictions, a recent survey and soil quality. 

A great starting point is to make sure your zoning is appropriate and you are aware of any usage restrictions. This will tell you if there is protected land, easements, environmental concerns, farming caveats or the ability for commercial operations. 

Next, you want to request the architectural guidelines for the area as sometimes these guidelines are actually a caveat placed on the piece of land.  These will outline all of the building parameters and restrictions you will need to follow as you plan your future build. Having stringent guidelines is one of the best ways to protect your investment as you will have a clear picture of what will be built around you and how the properties will be used and maintained.


Many people do not realize that financing land is a very different process than financing a finished home. Typically, you need to put 50% of the land value down as a deposit and then the remaining balance can be mortgaged. When you decide to build your home, you will then usually enter a Builders’ Draw Mortgage to finance the construction phase of your home. Some banks will allow the land deposit and value to count as part of your down payment for this second phase, while others will see it as totally separate. Make sure you talk to your financial institute as well as a seasoned mortgage broker in order to know which will apply to you.

Another aspect to consider when looking at financing is your landscaping. Many communities will require that your landscaping be completed within a certain timeline and this is critical to know when planning your financing. Will you be incorporating this into your mortgage? Will you be paying for this with cash? Will you hire a landscape architect and professional landscaper to do this work or will you do this yourself? Make sure you allow enough budget to fully complete this stage of construction as it will expedite the finish line of your project and allow you to fully maximize all the benefits of your new home and the yard surrounding it.

Get Your Permits and Schedule Your Inspections

A Young Couple Planning their New House

As you embark on this very exciting journey of buying your land and designing then building your dream home you will be working closely with the municipality. You will need to apply for permits for every step of the way. Be sure you begin this process immediately at the zoning and design stage. You will need a development permit, construction permit. Burning? You got it, permit. Need to install a wastewater management system? Permit. The entire construction process will need to have the proper documentation and inspections from plumbing to electrical to final occupancy. As much as all of these permits seem arduous, on the positive, they ensure that you have a completely sound structure and legal investment that will last for years to come.

Spring Lake Ranch Drone Photo
Spring Lake Ranch looking south to Spring Lake

Your first step is to find the perfect piece of land to call home. If you want to view the last remaining lot at Spring Lake Ranch, you can view the availability here. If you wish to speak with our team about any other tips to finding land, please feel free to give us a call.

Phase 4 Has Launched! 11 New Properties For Sale

Phase 4 has LAUNCHED ~ the final phase of Spring Lake Ranch.

These beautiful properties are located primarily in the upper west section of the community, with several lots backing onto a forested ravine or meadow reserve. Each lot is serviced and ready for building. (And there is still time to break ground on new homes before winter!)

Phase 4 also features Juniper Lane ~ a three-lot section of the community with its own cul-de-sac. The tree views and added privacy are fantastic.

We are now booking private viewings of Phase 4. Tour the lots, learn about your building options at SLR, and find YOUR ideal piece of land.

*Note, residents can custom build with Wilcor Homes OR another builder of your choosing.

To Book Your Tour, contact Sarah Corker at 780.288.9767 or 

And here is a sneak peek of the lots!


Phase 4 properties are 1/2 acre lots, which, as we highlighted in this post, is the ideal size for a balanced lifestyle. With a property under one acre, you can have a beautiful garden, grow your own veggies, and still have plenty of room for a fire pit and hot tub— without having to dedicate all your free time to maintaining your land.

PLUS: you have the privacy of country living while still being part of a community.

Our Residents Say…

“We chose this location because it’s close to towns and cities with all the amenities, but still in a quiet, scenic, rural lakeside setting. The lot sizes are very generous compared to what we had looked at in several cities.

~Sharon + Len, Owners of The Tamarack Bungalow

“We were attracted to the layout of Spring Lake Ranch, abundance of mature trees, lack of highway noise, and close location to amenities. We walk the trails every day and are hearing bird songs that we never heard while living in the city. Loving the loons!”

~Kim + Brian, Residents of Spruce Crescent

“We love the small lake town feel, like a secret little gem.”

~ Shawn + Michelle, Owners of the Jasper Bungalow

For Questions or To Book Your  Phase 4 Tour, contact Sarah Corker at 780.288.9767 or 

‘A Hidden Gem’: Spring Lake Ranch Featured in the Edmonton Journal

We’re excited to share the Edmonton Journal’s recent feature article on Spring Lake Ranch!

In “‘A hidden gem’: Spring Lake Ranch offers room to grow”, writer Laura Severs did a great job conveying what makes SLR such a special community:

“The calendar may say something different but spring, as in Spring Lake Ranch, a residential community outside of Edmonton, has just sprung forward.

The 60-acre lakeside community, located 10 minutes west of Stony Plain in Parkland County, recently released its last 15 lots as Phase 4 of the residential development is now on the market.

“What started as a vision or a dream is now a beautiful, thriving community with people living in their forever homes,” said Sarah Corker, director of Spring Lake Ranch. “We had talked about what will be — in 2008 when the shovels first hit the ground. It’s better than imagined.””

Read the full article here.

It shares details about Phase 4, Wilcor Homes, our upcoming Open House (Saturday, Oct.20th) and more.

Phase 4 at SLR: 15 Gorgeous Properties

When our team began creating the SLR community, we chose to develop it in 4 phases. 

This stunning final phase of Spring Lake Ranch includes 2 quiet cul-de-sacs, Spruce Crescent and Juniper Lane, with gorgeous properties that back onto the treed ravine. Starting at $164,900.

Phase 4 properties are 1/2 acre lots, which, as we highlighted in this post, is the ideal size for a balanced lifestyle. With a property under one acre, you can have a beautiful garden, grow your own veggies, and still have plenty of room for a fire pit and hot tub— without having to dedicate all your free time to maintaining your land.

PLUS: you have the privacy of country living while still being part of a community.

A beautiful Phase 4 property bordering the treed ravine

Some Phase 4 Lots border the Meadow Reserve, a peaceful oasis that’s home to native bird species.

Many Phase 4 properties back onto SLR’s treed Ravine, which features a walking trail and lovely treetop and sky views. A morning stroll here is one of our favourite ways to start the day! (And kids LOVE searching for frogs and other forest creatures.)

This summer, Wilcor Homes began construction on our first Phase 4 home build. This gorgeous home For Sale is an updated design of The TAMARACK, and is located on Lot 33, backing onto the Ravine. This brand-new TAMARACK will be Move-in Ready December 2017!

We’ll be releasing more details on this home soon, but for now you can view the original design here. If you’re interested in viewing or learning more about The TAMARACK prior to its public Open House this fall, contact Sarah Corker at 1.888.867.1055 or

We often have visitors to SLR ask about the building options available when they purchase a lot. When you are ready to start the design and build process, you can choose to work with SLR’s premier builder Wilcor Homes, or another builder of your choosing. Homes built at SLR follow our architectural guidelines, which maintains the beauty, quality, and value of the community.

Phase 4 has 15 Lots For Sale, starting at $164,900. 

If you have questions or would like to view Phase 4 properties and have the opportunity to reserve your Lot, contact Sarah Corker. 1.888.867.1055 or

We welcome your interest, and look forward to seeing this gorgeous area of SLR become home to more wonderful residents! To keep updated on Phase 4 + other SLR news, subscribe to our newsletter here, follow us on facebook here, and on instagram @springlakeranch.

Check out Phase 4 and the SLR community from above in this amazing aerial video — captured from a helicopter!

See you soon at Spring Lake Ranch…

Save the Date: SLR’s HOME + LOT HOP, Sat, June 10th, 12-4 pm!

Searching for your future home?

Join us on Saturday, June 10th from 12-4 pm for SLR’s HOME + LOT HOP!

* View 4 Beautiful Homes For Sale ~ all by Wilcor Homes

* Tour 7 Lots For Sale…and get a sneak peek of 15 PHASE 4 Lots prior to their public release

* Enjoy refreshments

* Walk the Lake + Ravine Trails ~ a great activity for the whole family!

There is no better opportunity to see first-hand the craftsmanship of our homes and the beauty of the community. If you have ever considered making SLR your future home, this is a MUST-ATTEND event!

(Know someone on the home hunt? We invite you to share these event details!)

Get ready to view these GORGEOUS Homes FOR SALE:

The MEADOWVIEW ~ 5 Bdrm Bungalow

*Open-Plan Living + Dining

*Great Room with 11’ Ceilings + Large Windows
*Gourmet Kitchen + Walk Through Pantry

*Walkout with 3 Bdrms, 1 Bath + Rec Room
*Large Spa-Style Ensuite
*Spacious Main-Floor Laundry
*Abundance of Closets
*Oversized 3-Car Garage
*Wrap Around Covered Deck
*Heated Floors
*Built In Speakers both inside + outside
*Fully Landscaped
*Asphalt Driveway

The TAMARACK ~ 4 Bdrm Bungalow 

*Open concept  kitchen, dining + great room with large windows, fireplace + 11 ft ceilings
*Chef-style kitchen features custom cabinetry, large granite island, tile backsplash + designer lighting
* 2 Bdrms on main floor, 2 Bdrms in Finished Daylight Basement + 3 Bthrms
*Master suite with double sinks, soaker tub + walk in shower with glass door
*Large recreation room, giving you total of *3000 plus sq ft of finished home
*Oversized triple garage
*Stunning curb appeal, with James Hardie exterior siding in Mountain Sage


View on MLS here

The TIMBER HAVEN ~ 3 Bdrm Two-Storey Home

  • 2348 Sq. ft Two-Storey with 3 Bdrms, 2.5 Bath + Front Den 
  • Solid Douglas fir Timber Frame with pine ceiling 
  • Gourmet Kitchen with Butler’s Pantry, Travertine Backsplash + Eating Island
  • Spa-style En suite with Clawfoot Tub + Walk-in Glass Shower
  • Dark-Stained Solid Cherry Cabinets
  • Exotic Granite, Wide-Plank Walnut Hardwood + European Tile
  • Glass + Ebony Handrails
  • Electrolux Appliances + Kohler Plumbing Fixtures
  • 3-car Garage + Covered Patio
  • Walkout 


The LAKEWOOD ~ 4 Bdrm Bungalow (Move-in Ready Fall 2017)

*1649 sq. ft. Bungalow with 2 Bdrms on the main floor + 2 more downstairs
*3 Bathrooms
*Daylight Basement with Huge Recreation Room + Bar
*Open-Plan Living + Infinity Dining Room surrounded by windows
*Gourmet Kitchen
*Great Room Features 11’Ceilings, Fireplace + Large Windows overlooking Loon Lake
*Spa-Style En suite
*Main-Floor Laundry + Large Mudroom
*Oversized 3-Car Garage


PLUS: View 7 Lots FOR SALE (and Tour Phase 4 ~ 15 Lots Releasing Fall 2017!)

Looking for Land?

SLR’s 1/2 acre-plus properties feature a mix of lake and forest views with plenty of space for gardening, a fire pit, and of course your beautiful custom home! Our residents love having the privacy of country living while still being part of a community.

At the HOME + LOT HOP, you’ll be given a map of the community showing designated Lots For Sale, so you can choose your own adventure! Explore the properties, discover what makes each one unique, and have fun envisioning your future home at SLR. You’ll also have the opportunity to Reserve Your Lot ~ the first exciting step in joining this stunning community.

Lots starting at $149,900.

See you June 10th at the HOME + LOT HOP!

Find directions to Spring Lake Ranch here

Why 1/2 Acre Lots are the Perfect Size – 3 Feature Lots FOR SALE!

While many people dream of owning an acreage with several acres of land, the vision is sometimes more enticing than the reality. The solitude of living rurally combined with the amount of work involved in maintaining that much property is a big adjustment! When speaking with acreage owners, we have often heard the term “acreage” replaced with “workreage” to convey the impact that taking care of their land has on their lifestyle. 

Not only that, but the cost to landscape a larger lot adds up fast. With lots that are under one acre, you can have a beautiful garden with perennials, grow your own veggies, and still have plenty of room for a fire pit — all without breaking your landscape budget.

Here, one of our young residents shows her bounty…

When designing the community, Spring Lake Ranch determined that for a balanced lifestyle, 1/2 an acre is the “perfect-size lot”. Surrounded by Environmental Reserve, a forested ravine, and a spring-fed lake, our lots give residents the space they want without having to dedicate all their free time to maintaining it. AND they have the privacy of country living while still being part of a community.

Today, SLR is home to so many wonderful residents enjoying the lifestyle we envisioned. Our remaining 1/2 acre lots feature all the aspects our community is known for: Stunning views, easy access to nature, and peaceful serenity. Ahhhhhhh.

Looking for land? Here are three SLR properties FOR SALE…


This 1/2 acre lot is ready for your dream home. Wake to the sound of loons on the lake, take a stroll along a ravine trail, and spend the afternoon canoeing, fishing, or snowshoeing. Check out all the details on MLS here.



Located on Spring Lake Drive, Redwing Haven features a view of Spring Lake and backs onto an expanse of Treed Environmental Reserve, making it a prime Spring Lake Ranch property. Part of the Estates of Pelican Bay, it offers an array of home design options, a walkout basement, and southern light. A private, gorgeous property.



This prime Lakefront lot offers residents stunning views of of Spring Lake with versatile home options for optimizing the serene location. Glowing with southwest light, Water’s Edge backs onto an expanse of treed Environmental Reserve, giving it optimal privacy and scenic surroundings. One of Spring Lake Ranch’s most beautiful locations.


Our Residents Say:

“The walkout bungalow design is what we have always wanted and to get it with a lake view is a serious plus. This lot size is perfect, big enough to run around in but not so big that the yard work will be overwhelming. We love how all we can see is the lake and beautiful trees out our windows.” ~Chris + Ange, Owners of The Lakeview

“We love the fact that we are so close to nature (the trails and lakes) but we are still just steps away from a playground for our kids. We have a large yard but also have neighbours close so we don’t feel isolated! It’s the best of both worlds. We are amazed at how quiet it is here, just a sense of peace!” ~Stephanie + Hugh, Owners of The Hawkswood

“We were also impressed at the thought and detail that went into the layout of the community. Ensuring that each lot maximizes the beauty of the area, the addition of walking trails and leaving as much of the natural landscape as possible during construction are a few of the highlights.” ~Meghan + Murray, Owners of The Lakewood

Learn more about our the community here and Book Your Viewing with Sarah Corker at 1.888.867.1055.

5 Reasons to Make SLR your Home

Looking for a home and considering Spring Lake Ranch?

You’re not the only one! SLR has become one of Alberta’s premier Lakeside locations, with new residents moving to the community each season. As we dive into a new season, we want to share our Top 5 Reasons why NOW is an excellent time to build or buy your ideal home at SLR. Our residents consider it their own piece of paradise!

Read more