Limited Time Land Purchase Offer

Drone image at Spring Lake Ranch, Fall 2022

Looking for your ideal piece of land? We have an offer, you don’t want to miss…

Drone image at Spring Lake Ranch, Fall 2022

With only 5 LOTS REMAINING for purchase, we decided to go out with a BANG and help you buy your land at Spring Lake Ranch now and pay for it later (no strings attached).

How it works:

First, you choose your lot. You can either come and explore the lots and surrounding area on your own, or you can book a tour and we will show you around.

Then, you put 10% of the total purchase price down. At this stage you will sign a purchase contract, your down payment becomes non-refundable and the lot is held under your name until you close on the final amount. (Yahoo!)

After this, you have 1 full calendar year (52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours) until you pay for the remaining balance. Interest free, payment free, stress free, gluten free (just kidding).

This will give you…

  • Time to organize finances
  • Time to design your house
  • Time to find a builder
  • Time to sell your existing house
  • Time to arrange for a move


Now you may be asking yourself ‘why is Spring Lake Ranch doing this?’

The honest answer is we have been selling land for many years and have experienced all different markets, crashes and booms. Uncertainty in the current mortgage lending sector has made many land purchase and homebuilding plans more difficult. By locking in your land purchase price and having no ongoing payment obligations takes away some of the stress of navigating building your custom dream home.

As Will Rodgers said, “Why wait to buy land when you can buy land and wait” and this rings true for SLR. We have 5 lots left and then there is no more land available to purchase. We want to help people reach their goal, buy their land and build their dream home.

Please contact Sarah Corker at or book an appointment through our Contact Page.

Drone Image of Spring Lake Ranch as seen in the summertime

Building at Spring Lake Ranch

You can BYOB (bring your own builder) to SLR! The lots for sale are governed by either the phase 2 or phase 4 Architectural guidelines at Spring Lake Ranch. There are also landcaping guidelines which are common for all of Spring Lake Ranch.

Act before June 30th, 2024.