5 Reasons to Make SLR your Home

Looking for a home and considering Spring Lake Ranch?

You’re not the only one! SLR has become one of Alberta’s premier Lakeside locations, with new residents moving to the community each season. As we dive into a new season, we want to share our Top 5 Reasons why NOW is an excellent time to build or buy your ideal home at SLR. Our residents consider it their own piece of paradise!

#1 Escape the Urban Sprawl

Edmonton and its surrounding areas are growing rapidly, with billions of dollars spent on infrastructure and new development. Spruce Grove alone has multiple new buildings being constructed, expanding its size and population. With all this growth, there is a huge increase in noise, traffic, and the sense of being overcrowded.

Spring Lake Ranch offers an oasis of calm, quiet, and safety. As our longtime residents Sam and Graham P. have said, “It doesn’t matter how busy the work day has been, Spring Lake Ranch triggers the ‘relax’ button.” Starting and ending your day at SLR enables you to feel like you’re away from it all, while still having all the amenities just 7 minutes away. 


#2 Enjoy an Active Lifestyle 

Whether you live for spring, summer, fall, or can’t wait for the year’s first snow, Spring Lake Ranch has a plethora of activities you can enjoy throughout the seasons. This winter our residents have enjoyed sledding, snowshoeing, ice-fishing, and skating at the local rink. The beautiful Lake and Ravine Trails offer easy hikes year round, and Spring Lake is ideal for swimming, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

The ability to engage in such fun, family-friendly recreation right on your doorstep makes SLR truly unique, and is a huge bonus of living here.


#3 Your Kids can Attend a Top-Rated School

Just 2 minutes from SLR, Blueberry School is a top-rated school in Parkland County, offering K-9 with exceptional teachers and high parent involvement. With the goal to limit class sizes to 20 students, Blueberry School presents an opportunity for your child to receive a high-level education from a faculty with over 1/3 of its teachers up for awards. Bus service picks up our young residents right at SLR!


#4 Simplify Your Life

Do you currently have a large acreage? (Or work-erage as a friend of ours recently called it)? Feel as though much of your time is spent maintaining it? Or perhaps you’d like the country life but without feeling isolated in the middle of nowhere. Spring Lake Ranch offers that perfect balance with half to one-acre lots, many of which back onto protected land, giving you space and privacy while also allowing you time to just enjoy your home (without constantly maintaining it).


#5 Get back to Nature

Nature abounds at SLR, with Trails, Lakes and Protected Environmental Areas on your doorstep. While strolling the trails, you’ll see animal tracks and hear bird calls all year long! In fact, many of our lot properties have been named after the native bird species our residents see and hear in the community. Appreciating the fresh air, wildlife, and stunning beauty of the landscape each day creates an inner peace that’s felt in all areas of life. We welcome you to visit and experience it for yourself!

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